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Rosemary Kimble is a seasoned Body Artist specializing in Henna Tattoos and Face and Body Painting. She has been working professionally for over 15 years and her clients include such prestigious companies as Ciciís Pizza, Camel cigarettes and Playboy among others. She has also had some great publicity over the years with her work on the cover of New Orleans Gambit Weekly in 1998 among others. It is easy to see, when comparing her work to others, that Rosemary has truly mastered the art form.

As an EnRapturing Entertainment artist, Rosemary uses only the highest quality professional body paints in her work. See the Entertainment page for rates on Body Painting for events and private appointments or call 404-316-9141 now.

Body painting has become very popular for models to wear in fashion shows as well as for the guests at private events, adding an elegant flair to any party. The body can be adorned entirely in body paint or just on the face or other parts of the body with simple or very complex designs. Body paint is often worn as a costume at masquerade parties and can be enjoyed at all types of private events, festivals and costume shows.

NEW Blacklight Body Painting

Artist Rosemary Kimble with her body art model

White Horns

Red Vest


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Specialty Body Art

body painting
Living Statues
body painting
Gold & Silver
body painting
Silver Surfer
body painting
Miss Pizza Marries Mr. Tater Tot
body painting
Mr. Tater Tot
Feathers and Swarovski Crystals, among other things, can be used in less traditional forms of body art.

body painting
body painting
Feather Fairy, Body Painted
body painting
Full Body Cheetah
captain america
Rosemary painted Jonathon Ferrara's head like the helmet Captain America, played by Peter Fonda, wore in Easy Rider. Peter is seen here signing Jonathon's head at the Big Easy Ride in New Orleans in 2002

NEW Blacklight Body Painting

Black Light

Regular Light

Black Light

Regular Light

A few tips about Body Painting: * Works well on every part of the body, * Lasts only until your next shower, * Washes off completely, *Are safe and non-toxic water based paint made specifically for painting on skin, * All designs are hand painted. *Can take anywhere from 3 minutes to several hours to apply.

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